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Ролева игра Dungeons & Dragons – Adventure Acquisitions Incorporated

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Изследвай богатство от опасности и личности в света на най-великата ролева игра.

Когато стартираш в приключенският бизнес, може да е добре да имаш идея. Може да е от голяма помощ да имаш достъп до могъщи артифакти, експертиза и задачи, които предлагат Acquisitions Incorporated. Присъедини се към Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, и Viari както никога досега с новата Acquisitions Incorporated кампания за Dungeons & Dragons!

Dungeons & Dragons - Adventure Acquisitions Incorporated

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Set yourself up for success when pursuing your own fantasy-business endeavors, using all the ingredients you need to include Acquisitions Incorporated in your D&D campaign, to establish your own franchise, and take on specialized roles therein. Plus, there are always openings coming available… Just try not to think about why.

– Learn everything you ever wanted to know about starting your own fantasy business as you begin your career today, as a proud member of Acquisitions Incorporated.
– Acquisitions Incorporated has everything you need to play a D&D fifth edition game just as if you were on stage with the crew at PAX! New backgrounds, character options, franchise information, and more!
– Start up your own Acquisitions Incorporated franchise in the Forgotten Realms or anywhere in the multiverse.
– Acquisitions Incorporated is a different flavor of D&D full of madcap heists and hilarious moments, and it’s one of the new ways to tell fantastic D&D stories.
– Includes an adventure that will take characters from levels 1 through 6, establishing your party’s claim on a world they’ve just begun to explore-and to strip-mine for profit.

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