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Настолна игра K’uh Nah – семейна

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K’uh Nah (майска дума за божествена къща) е бърза push-your-luck игра, в която играчите се опитват да построят най-перфектната пирамида като избягват блоковете, които не искат и получавайки тези, които искат! Играчът, който построи пирамидата с най-добър дизайн и която ще оцелее през вековете е победител!


  • 50x карти
  • 48x токена
  • Правила

Повече информация:

Each turn there are two cards available to choose from, and each has a number and two icons on it. If you do not like any of the cards available, then you must put a jade token on one of the cards. (If you do not have any jade tokens, then you must take a card). If you take one, you take any jade tokens on it as well, then you place the card in your pyramid structure. Be careful, because you must always place a lighter block on top of a heavier block, unless you are able to match the icons.

At the end of the game you will score the value of your cards not supporting other cards minus the jade tokens you have left. The player with the least points is the winner.

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