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1:72 Британски военен самолет Fairey “Gannet” AS.MK.1/4

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<p>1:72 Fairey &ldquo;Gannet&rdquo; AS.MK.1/4</p>
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<tr><th align="left" width="100%">Product introduction:</th></tr>
<p><span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;Ten years of design and development led to the adoption of the Fairey Gannet, a highly successful three-man aircraft built around a most unusual engine. The Armstrong-Siddeley Double Mamba coupled turboprop engine boasted two independent power sections driving separate propellers.Additionally. Fully armed with torpedoes, depth charges or rockets the plane had a maximum speed of 311 mph and a 662 nautical mile range. Fully ten years after the initial specification, the Fairey Gannet reached the active fleet, in service with HMS Illustrious, HMS Ark Royal and HMS Eagle. Eventually, 255 of the up-rated version (Gannet AS Mk4) satisfied the Fleet Air Arms&rsquo; need to replace aging Fireflies and Avengers. Wing Span: 54ft. 4in. Length: 43ft. Height: 13ft. 8.5in. Weight: Empty 15,069 lbs., Max Takeoff 21,600 lbs. Maximum Speed: 310 mph Ceiling: 25,000 ft. Range: 943 miles&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Item No &nbsp; &nbsp;01629</span><br /><span>Item Name &nbsp; &nbsp;BRITISH &ldquo;Gannet&rdquo; AS.MK.1/4</span><br /><span>Bar Code &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Scale &nbsp; &nbsp;1:72</span><br /><span>Item Type &nbsp; &nbsp;Static Kit</span><br /><span>Model Brief &nbsp; &nbsp;Length: 188 mm Wingspan: 229mm</span><br /><span>Total Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;100pcs</span><br /><span>Metal Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Photo Etched Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Film Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Resin Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Total Sprues &nbsp; &nbsp;4pcs</span><br /><span>Paint Schemes &nbsp; &nbsp;1. XA322/771-CU, 769Sqn RNAS Culdrose 1957;</span><br /><span>Released Date &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>More Features &nbsp; &nbsp;Optional position flaps</span></p>

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