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1:48 Американски изтребител-бомбардировач Репъблик Ф-105С (Republic F-105G Thunderchief)

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<p>1:48 Американски изтребител-бомбардировач Репъблик Ф-105С (Republic F-105G Thunderchief)</p>
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<tr><th align="left" width="100%">Product introduction:</th></tr>
<p><span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;The F-105 armed with missiles and a cannon; however, its design was tailored to high-speed low-altitude penetration carrying a single nuclear bomb internally. First flown in 1955, the Thunderchief entered service in 1958. As the largest single-engined fighter ever employed by the USAF, the single-seat F-105 would be adapted to deliver a greater iron bomb load than the four-engined ten-man strategic bombers of World War II. The F-105 would be best remembered as the primary strike bomber over North Vietnam in the early stages of the Vietnam War.</span></p>
<p><span>Parament</span><br /><span>Item No &nbsp; &nbsp;80333</span><br /><span>Item Name &nbsp; &nbsp;F-105G Thunderchief</span><br /><span>Bar Code &nbsp; &nbsp;6939319203335</span><br /><span>Scale &nbsp; &nbsp;1:48</span><br /><span>Item Type &nbsp; &nbsp;Static Aircraft</span><br /><span>Model Dimension &nbsp; &nbsp;Length: 446.3mm &nbsp; Width: 225.6mm</span><br /><span>Total Plastic Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;270pcs</span><br /><span>Total Sprues &nbsp; &nbsp;9sprues</span><br /><span>Chromeplate Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Camouflage Scheme &nbsp; &nbsp;Mkgs for 2 a/c of USA Air Force</span><br /><span>Resin Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Metal Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Photo Etched Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Film Accessory &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Released Date &nbsp; &nbsp;2008-08</span><br /><span>More Features The kit consists of &nbsp;255 parts in light grey plastic, 15 clear parts for canopy, simple engine detail</span></p>

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