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1:35 Японски танк Тип 97 (Japanese Tank Type 97) – 2 фигури

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<p>1:35 Японски танк Тип 97 (Japanese Tank Type 97) – 2 фигури</p>
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<div id="productInfoDetail"><span><span>This is a 1/35 Plastic Japanese Medium Tank Type 97</span></span>
<p>The Type 97 medium tank was a typical tank of the Japanese Army and shared hardships with tank men before and throughout World War II in the Pacific theatre including China and the Kurile Islands.</p>
<p><span>Specs &amp; Features</span></p>
<li>Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in army green.</li>
<li>Ready to assemble precision model kit.</li>
<li>Highly detailed exterior.</li>
<li>Two unassembled detailed figures with realistic expressions.</li>
<li>Tank contains an aerial spread around the vehicle top, unsymmetrical turret, complicated body front, and a seesaw-type suspension system.</li>
<li>Realistic rubber tracks.</li>
<li>Gunnary included for armament.</li>
<li>Waterslide decals.</li>
<li>Detailed pictorial instructions.</li>

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