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1:35 Съветски тежък танк от Втората световна война КВ-122 /KV-122/

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<p>1:35 Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank</p>
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<tr><th align="left" width="100%">Product introduction:</th></tr>
<p><span>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;The KV-13 program’s KV-85 prototype was accepted for production as the IS-1 heavy tank. After testing with both 100 mm and 122 mm guns, the D-25T 122 mm gun was selected as the main armament of the new tank, primarily because of its ready availability and the effect of its large high-explosive shell when attacking German fortifications. The KV-122 replaced the KV-85, and began mass production as the IS-2.&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Item No &nbsp; &nbsp;01570</span><br /><span>Item Name &nbsp; &nbsp;Soviet KV-122 Heavy Tank</span><br /><span>Bar Code &nbsp; &nbsp;9580208015705</span><br /><span>Scale &nbsp; &nbsp;1:35</span><br /><span>Item Type &nbsp; &nbsp;Static Kits</span><br /><span>Model Brief &nbsp; &nbsp;Length:277.7 mm &nbsp; Width: 94.8mm</span><br /><span>Total Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;440+</span><br /><span>Metal Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;gun barrel, brass wire</span><br /><span>Photo Etched Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;1 piece</span><br /><span>Film Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Resin Parts &nbsp; &nbsp;n/a</span><br /><span>Total Sprues &nbsp; &nbsp;23 sprues , turret and lower hull</span><br /><span>Released Date &nbsp; &nbsp;2013-01</span><br /><span>More Features "The kit consists of over 440 parts</span><br /><span>the kit w/refined detail</span><br /><span>multi-slide moulded lower hull</span><br /><span>192 individual tracks links&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Photo Etched Parts &nbsp;included"</span></p>

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