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1:35 Патрулен катер на САЩ PBR31 MkII ‘Pibber’ – CA250

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<p>1:35 Патрулен катер на САЩ PBR31 MkII ‘Pibber’ – CA250</p>
<p>The U.S. Navy PBR ("Patrol Boat, River") 31 Mk.II was developed during the<br />Vietnam war as a direct result of the need for a fast and maneuverable craft<br />to patrol the coastal and river waterways in Southeast Asia. Requiring only<br />two feet of water, the "Pibber" could cruise at up to 25 knots on the power of<br />its two turbocharged Detroit Diesel engines driving&nbsp;Jaccuzzi&nbsp;14JY water<br />jetdrives. Furthermore, the PBR could pack a sizeable offensive punch with its<br />bow mounted&nbsp;.50cal machine guns, rear .50cal, or grenade launcher. Tamiya’s<br />1/35th&nbsp;scale version of the PBR builds up into an accurate full hull replica.</p>
<p>Highly detailed 1/35th scale plastic kit for static display.</p>
<p>Approximately 110 parts in olive green with a high level of detail.</p>
<p>4 multi-part crew figures in authentic uniforms.<br />Detailed bow machine gun position and stern tripod mounted .50cal<br />gun.<br /><strong>Many detail accessories:</strong>&nbsp;ammo cans, gas cans, oil drums, large U.S.<br />flag navigation radar, and portable radio.<br />Decals are included for two marking options.<br />Includes a display stand</p>

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