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1:35 Германско самоходно противовъздушно оръдие Mobelwagen

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<p>1:35 Германско самоходно противовъздушно оръдие Mobelwagen</p>
<p>In the latter half of World War II, the Wehrmacht, having lost air superiority to the Allies, turned to the development of anti-aircraft vehicles. The first vehicle to use the chassis of the Panzer IV tank as a base was the Self Propelled AA Gun Mobelwagen. The mass-production model started to be manufactured in February 1944. It was equipped with a powerful 3.7 Flak 43 cannon capable of firing 250 shots/min, and thick armored plates surrounding the upper part of the vehicle, which could be raised or lowered for horizontal firing. By 1945, a total of 240 vehicles were produced, most of which were deployed to the western front, providing a vicious defense against approaching fighters and bombers of the Allies.</p>
<p>About the model<br />This is the plastic model assembly kit based on the German Self Propelled AA Gun M&ouml;belwagen. Overall length: 168mm, overall width 82mm. The unique style of the Flak 43 equipped mass production model has been realistically recreated. Gun barrel of Flak 43 and sighting device move together on arm to enhance authenticity. Ammunition ejection net has been recreated with nylon mesh for added realism. Sliding hatch on the upper chassis has been included as a separately molded part. Unique cylindrical exhaust pipes have also been included. Armored plates protecting firing deck can be modeled in three positions for times&nbsp;of:&nbsp;movement, anti-aircraft firing, and horizontal firing.&nbsp;</p>

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