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1:35 Германско самоходно оръдие 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61

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<p>1:35 German 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 "Sturer Emil"</p>
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<tr><th align="left" width="100%">Product introduction:</th></tr>
<p><span>&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;Henschel was authorized to carry on the development of VK3001 in September of 1938, and has made 4 chassises during the period from March of 1941 to October, among them two were repacked into the heavy-duty anti-tank gun and attacked and wipe out the car at the beginning of 1942, install antitank gun that 128 mm. of antiaircraft guns refitted. 128mmSFL/61 is used in in the east line fighting , one of them was captured in 1943, the photo of another one showed that there are 22 combat successes in it. Hull length: 9.7m Width: 3.16m Height: 2.7m Weight: 35.0tons Craw:5 Engine: Maybach HL116 Road speed: 25km/h Armament: 128mm gun*1 MG34 machine gun*1&nbsp;</span><br /><span>Item No &nbsp; &nbsp;00350</span><br /><span>Item Name &nbsp; &nbsp;German 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette L/61 &ldquo;Sturer Emil&rdquo;</span><br /><span>Bar Code &nbsp; &nbsp; 6922803603506</span><br /><span>Scale &nbsp; &nbsp;1:35</span><br /><span>Item Type &nbsp; &nbsp;Static Armor</span><br /><span>Model Brief &nbsp; &nbsp; Length: 277.2 mm Width: 90.mm Height: 78.9mm</span><br /><span>Total Parts &nbsp; &nbsp; 245pcs</span><br /><span>Metal Parts &nbsp; &nbsp; n/a</span><br /><span>Photo Etched Parts &nbsp; &nbsp; n/a</span><br /><span>Film Parts &nbsp; &nbsp; n/a</span><br /><span>Total Sprues &nbsp; &nbsp; 5pcs plus lower hull ,upper hull ,turrets, tracks</span><br /><span>Paint Schemes &nbsp; &nbsp; used at the East-front in late 1943</span><br /><span>Released Date &nbsp; &nbsp; n/a</span><br /><span>More Features &nbsp; &nbsp; n/a</span></p>

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