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1:35 Британски артилерийски влекач 25 PDR (Br. 25 PDR. Gun & Quad Tractor) – 1 фигура

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<p>1:35 Британски артилерийски влекач 25 PDR (Br. 25 PDR. Gun &amp; Quad Tractor) – 1 фигура</p>
<p><span>During WWI, many nations began using motorcars for various military purposes such as hauling guns. Vehicles were classified in various categories according to their purpose such as armored cars, tanks and self-propelled guns that carried hand-held artillery, and gun tractors that were designed for hauling weapons. During this time, the British, who had the most advanced full-track and half-track technology, began realizing the advantage of using motorcars in the military. They began developing several tractors for the sole purpose of hauling artillery. The British produced uniquely shaped gun tractors, known as the Quad, which had an angular body and short wheelbase with large wheels. The following four Quad gun tractors were developed: Guy Quad Ant, Morris Commercial C8 Mk I &amp; Mk II Quad, Karrier KT 4 Indian Quad, and Canadian Military Pattern (CPM) Quad manufactured in Canada. The military primarily use the CMP Quad during the war, due to its quality and mass production. The CMP Quads including the FAT-2 Quad gun tractor were very good vehicles and simple to operate. They continued on active service in the British Commonwealth forces for about 15-20 years even after the war.</span><br /><br /><strong>Notes &amp; Tips:</strong><br /><br /><span>* Includes a scale model which requires assembly, this is not a toy.</span><br /><span>* Ages 14 and over.</span><br /><span>* Choking hazard: Contains small parts.</span><br /><span>* Actual model may vary from images.</span><br /><span>* Does not include tools, cement or paints.</span><br /><span>* Some modelling experience recommended.</span></p>

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